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Cremona's antiques Market 'Un tuffo nel passato' has been taking place in the city centre for more than 25 years.

Piazza Stradivari, the Federico II courtyard, Piazza della Pace and the streets of the centre, just a few metres from the Cathedral, come alive every third Sunday of the month with the presence of 90 exhibitors from various regions of Italy.

It is a pleasure to browse through antique and modern furniture, find silverware, porcelain, jewellery, watches, antique books (even from the 18th century) or editions that cannot be found in bookshops. Record collectors can discover rare editions or those that have been milestones in the history of music. Perfectly restored, sophisticated HiFi equipment from the 70s and 80s will thrill you with their warm, embracing sounds.
And then there are quality vintage clothes and accessories, postcards, vintage toys and much more: many pieces to reconstruct a past that some people have forgotten, others have never known.

Tourism in Cremona

Piazza Stradivari with Piazza della Pace and the Porticos of the Federico II courtyard provide an enchanting location for the Mercatino dell'Antiquariato e del Modernariato.
A few steps from Piazza Stradivari you can admire Piazza Duomo. The Museo del Torrazzo, the Diocesan Museum, the Violin Museum and the Ala Ponzone Museum contain treasures worth seeing and experiencing.
For information on exhibitions and events taking place in the city, visit the Cremona Turismo website.


Visiting Cremona

The staff of the Info Point office in Piazza Duomo are at your disposal to provide information, suggestions or take you on guided tours of the city.

For information and bookings

tel: + 39 0372 407081

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